My journey to Walter’s Walk began in death of my significant other to colon cancer

My journey to Walter’s Walk began in death of my significant other to colon cancer.  Walter’s Walk was made visible to me through the mention of my grief group coordinator.  The jaunt from the city to Hazelwood was of no consequence, for I was in severe pain and catastrophic grief…no distance was too great to travel.  The moment I stepped through the door, I felt a sense of peace and stillness.  Yet as my eyes gazed the lay of the land I noticed faces, faces of those who make up the mosaic of Walter’s Walk.  There was something different about this place, different from the nominal clinical offices representative of psychotherapy and social work.  In my duration of coming to Walter’s Walk, I’ve come to find what it encompasses as a whole entity.  For me, it was my haven, my refuge and safe place to feel and be without fear of someone doing harm to me.  I witnessed and felt the compassion, empathy, discernment and abiding love showered upon me in the midst of my loss and despair.  I am not the same person today I was two and a half years ago.  When I lost my employment and everyone else had abandoned me, I was welcomed and embraced by Walter’s Walk.  In totality, the mosaic of Walter’s Walk comprises humans that envelop love, compassion, mercy and humility for those who crave comfort from the pain and suffering that beseeches them in all facets.  I am grateful to be on this Walk and thankful to have crossed paths with the therapists here.

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